Monday, November 24, 2008

The Zebras

My bosses wife wanted a painting. Her desire was Zebras and yellow. I found a fanstatic photo of 3 horses and I liked the composition so I amended the form to that of the zebra and gave it the yellow abstract background. She loved it and I loved it and I hated to part with it. I think this is another one that I may have to recreate is some form for myself.

The Patisserie

I love this painting and it turned out to be a favorite among friends and family. Thank God, I photographed it because it was lost in an unfortunate restaurant incident. The place where I had 3 of my paintings displayed closed in the middle of the night and they took everything with them leaving no forwarding address.....bum deal. However, I think I'll recreate it on some level and see how it turns out.

Creating Every Day

I discovered a great web site called Create Every Day and I wanted to join. I created this blog so that I would have a link to show my work. As I've been rather busy this year creating art is has become something I think about rather than do. So, to start of, I am posting some past work so that you get an idea about what I can do. November is just about over so I will get on the band wagon with the new year and start posting new work. I have been totally inspired by this work.

A few years ago I happened on to a local art class and the cat below was my very first painting. It was painted from photograph and is a 30 x 40 oil on canvas. I stick with the classes dropping in and out as time permits. Painting and writing can be solitary pursuits and that is fine sometimes. But the class generates a kind of energy and support system that I think has been essential for my staying motivated.